Each paranormal experience will vary depending upon the location and the number of guests participating.  The experience can be held in a theater or on location of a known hotspot for ghostly activity.

The paranormal experience can also be conducted on location in a home or approved site.  Jamie will bring haunted artifacts as well as some ghost hunting equipment with him to conduct the paranormal experience.

All participants MUST sign a waiver to participate in the Paranormal Experience!  NO EXCEPTIONS!

The Jack the Ripper Paranormal Experience

This Paranormal Experience revolves around one of the most famous serial killers, "Jack the Ripper"!  Join Jamie as he leads you through making contact with the key players in this infamous crime.

Raising the Titanic

This Paranormal Experience uses haunted artifacts from the ill-fated Titanic ocean liner.  Jamie will take you on a paranormal experience with this famous disaster at sea.

Jerry Mohoney

Join Jamie as he takes you on a Paranormal Experience with a very haunted vent figure from the 50's.  Can items be a source of a Haunting?  Absolutely!